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Cambo swamped by well-wishers

by Bernie McGuire

Michael Campbell has been swamped by messages of congratulations in the wake of his stunning US Open success.

Whilst savouring his US Open win, Cambo revealed he has been deluged with text and email messages of congratulations.

He arrived back to his Brighton home in southern England on Tuesday morning after the most emotional moment in his stunning golfing career.

But if the proud New Zealander was overawed last Sunday afternoon at Pinehurst, he is even more amazed at the messages he's received following his two stroke triumph over Tiger Woods.

"The memory on my mobile phone has been full since Tuesday when I got back home and I checked my website,, when I got back to Brighton and I already had over 6,000 emails," he said.

"I would normally receive about 10 a week so the response to my win has been overwhelming."

Cambo singled out for praise his caddy, Michael Waite, known affectionately as 'Sponge', for his Pinehurst contribution.

Waite, who resides on Queensland's Gold Coast, has been by Cambo's side for the past seven years, savouring success in all but five of a now 14-tournament winning career.

"It was just great for him to also experience the thrill of winning a major," said Cambo.

"He said to me afterwards this is the reason why I play and the reason why he is a caddy and that is so very, very true.

"Sponge was like my Rock of Gibraltar throughout that final round ensuring I stayed in the present and making certain I hit the right clubs to the right part of the course.

"He, like Andrew, has been with me for a long time, experiencing also the highs and lows of this game, so that's why I was so delighted for Sponge."

And Cambo also was praiseworthy of another fellow New Zealand born caddy, Steve Williams.

Williams was among the first to offer congratulations despite caddying for the player Cambo was striving so desperately to defeat.

"I wasn't quite sure what was happening on the 18th as I had just putted out and I was just trying to hold my composure," said Cambo.

"I was also thinking ahead and fearing not to go into the scorer's hut and sign for an incorrect score.

"So when I sank that final putt all the emotion just flowed out but up until then I was just so focussed.

"Steve's gesture was just fantastic and I can understand why it must have looked a bizarre sight seeing the caddy of the guy who I have just beaten into second coming straight over to hug me and congratulate me.

"But that was a Kiwi thing and Steve and I have been friends for so long.

"He had a job to do that week and whilst he is very professional in what he does, his response was just fantastic."

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